Reviews for "Maniac Mansion 3"

As good as the seconde

If there going to be this long they need more jokes. It looked better and it also ran smoother. Was sorta funny, like the part where he makes a wish with the penny and it pops out and becomes a rift.

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kinda boring

the graphics were good, you didn't use all srites this time. the style was ok this time but is getting way to boring. the sound was also ok

well the whole thing was way to long, it got boring after the first couple of minites

ok flash movie

Were those sprites custom made?

THose sprites loocked sutom made and so did the backgrounds. If so then congrats. There was some humor like zombies getting flushed in toilets. And who doesnt love a good haunted mansion movie. Especially when it pixelized.

There was no voice acting which kida threw me off. At some points you mixed pixels with non pixels.

Get a mic and voice act.

Great Flash.

While it is a great Flash, the second one was, in my opinion, the best one. It wasn't very clear that those two guys were there to steal uranium. Still, good laughs throughout.


I really like your movie! Great intro.......