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Reviews for "4 Swords Misadventures2.2"

keep it up

keep the sick sequiles comin i haven't seen a single flash u made that i didn't like, but the LOZ ones r my favorites

dam the japanieze version looks like fun eheheh oh right gididi

so how do u no so much about the japanieze version

HadoukenDude responds:

The whole "Japanese Version" joke doesn't exactly relate to Zelda, it only pokes fun at the fact of American or European released games that went through some sort of alteration before it's release.Fatal Fury 2, for example, was edited on the American SNES due to Mai Shiranui's outfit and it's "revealing nature" (in other words, wearing a thong) in the original version.

Other alterations that most US released games had over the years were removing religious references and swearing to make games for kids only.

Fortunately,things have changed over the years and not everything is being censored like before. Although there could be some exceptions,but I'm not sure about it.

Thanks for your review.

A movie that can make me log into NG to comment...

There arent many movies out there to actually make me get my old username and password out from the archives of logins and actually use it again.

I must say that there was time and effort put into this movie and it shows. Well done to the brilliance in its entirety and keep up the good work.

Must view for all Zelda fans.

loved it

amazing cant wait till the next one ps love the nez link one

Great Job... anymore

big fan of the series are you planning on making more cuz i know i'd watch

loved it

It was 2 funny
and it was da shit like always
i want 2 c more
i think many ppl agree with me