Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Outbreak"

Well, um...

I Kinda broke all of this song's meaning...
I was making a story and, in it, the protagonist needed to play it to open up a sealed portal...
Please, if you can ever forgive me...

Evil-Dog responds:

we're all free to imagine whatever story in our heads when listening to a song :D

I litteraly just boarded up my doors and windows

This song makes me want to load a shotgun and walk down an empty street. you should be composing for movies.

this is a good song

This is a good song, I was playing TTA 3 to this, good ambient music. I'm gonna give this a 10/10 & a 5/5!



neat! i really though this sounded like a real zombie movie theme song! nice song dude!


Its a little slow you should try making it faster nice build up Did you use a program?

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah of course haha