Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Outbreak"

Great song

I immediately recognized the In The House WIthout A Heartbeat melodramatic feel to it.

Great job,

Evil-Dog responds:

I'm not sure what that means but cool :)

Ah yeah!

The last song I want to hear before I die :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Alright rich, I'm coming to kiiillll yooouuuu haha

Beautifully put together.

From the start, I was hooked. The ambient effects and the saddened pluckings of the guitar strings gave me that sense of hopelessness in a world that is beyond saving. It would fit perfectly as a theme song for my story, and as a matter of fact, I might be contacting you on that matter later. The second half the song was equally amazing. I loved the 28 Weeks Later reference at the 3 minute mark. That was great. The second half made me feel like something was throwing its final punch, the attack, the decision that would either condemn or liberate them. Incredible song. 5/5, 10/10, Favorited.


Evil-Dog responds:

thanks buddy, inspiring comment :D


o_O wow....!

Evil-Dog responds: