Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Outbreak"

It some how reminds me of Ghost Rider: SOV instead of zombies...
PS: What program did you use for this project?

Just amazing... It also seems very familiar to me. I know its original but I cant shake the feeling that I've heard something like this before. Any way 10/10 5/5 great work love it!


i agree

I feel 2012 will end this way bro. Yea im talkin to the guy below me.


All civilians must evacuate the city immediately. Proceed to the nearest highway exit and await further instructions. On your way, you will encounter several Infantry Patrols. Do not be alarmed. They are not the enemy. We will attempted a full synchro copter evacuation at 1800 hours. However, do not try to escape. Resistance is futile. We want to help you...
-General Vale
(Why do I feel this happening sometime in the future?)