Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Outbreak"

goose bumps!

this is very great work, it mad my spine tingle.

Evil-Dog responds:

Nice!!! :D


i love everything about this song, even the description takes me to another world. honesly, this would make a great movie or game soundtrack peice. i hope it pulls over too that.
if hes interested ,i have a friend that makes indie games and machinimas, maybe he can help this take off.
let me know if you feel interested in any way, thanks for reading.

Evil-Dog responds:

Well, yeah sure, I want people to use it, so please do (or your rather your friend)
thanks! :)

great stuff!

i gave it a 9.5 an almost perfect this is a great song

Evil-Dog responds:

You should have rounded up! :P

This was great

dude this was awesome and i would have to agree with SargentCartoon

Evil-Dog responds:

Indeed :)


it sounds like a mixture of Marilyn Manson-If I Was Your Vampire, and DooM music :O

Evil-Dog responds:

Good mix :)