Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Outbreak"

Zombie Roleplay ? Mind if I try ?
(to read with the music)

"Today is the 19th of May, I have to tell you about what happened in France... I gotta make it quick ! - But I have no idea about where should I start, Damn it ! ... Ok, so ...

Three days ago, I've heard about that 'corona virus' thingy on the TV news, that there were several sick people, most of them were close to the first infected person, he's been taken to the nearest Hospital, he was feeling sleepy, coughing blood and all of that kind of thing ; not sure 'bout what happened, but it sure must have been one hell of a mess, 'cuz the day after, the TV said that this very hospital went on fire, and that some Cannibal psychos were the author of such violence, EATING the people that were in the hospital and then burnt the whole place up, all of this is fuckin bullshit, I saw some images on the internet ! I already knew what happen'd but needed the proof. Who, or I should say what, attacked the hospital, Was not, trully NOT HUMAN ! The few corpses I saw had several bite marks on the legs and arms and one of them had a hole leading inside it's cranium, toward the brain ... Sounds obvious to you now !?Oh Fuck, I still can't believe it myself !

Almost got sick but that was worth it ! I had very few time, so I took my stuff, me and my bro moved to my father's place, a small house in the middle of some fields. We kept the TV on, waiting for some news, but we had nothing but statics and glitchy stuff, today, an hour ago, I recieved a message on my phone, a friend of mine called Clovis, telling me to check his Youtube, nothing else. He used to make videos of games and everything, but here, his latest video was ... Different. I saw him, panicful, very pale... He managed to film some of these things, eating defenseless people, even a baby went out of a window, her mother trying to give him the eternal rest, but he fell litterally on an infected and got eaten ! the video ends with both my mom and sis covered in blood, THEIR blood, walking down the streets, in the middle of these things... This was ... just ... In front of such macabre show, I just went crazy. No matter what my brother or my father are saying, I'm LEAVING !

I'm taking a hatchet, a BB gun, a sledgehammer, some food, some water, my phone with it's headphones, a flashlight, matches and a lighter. Oh, and also some 90° alcool. If I don't make it ... no, I KNOW I won't make it out alive, but I don't care just now, I want to fight, -no, I HAVE TO FIGHT ! - I want the least people in this world to suffer, I want to proove myself that, for once, I can face the danger, I will finally be useful to some people, at least I hope... Does that makes me crazy ? Probably, but it doesn't matter, I don't want to see any other people suffering while I'm doing nothing but watching them ! SInce there is almost no chance for me to survive, these must be my very last words to the world : ... Adieu, bonne chance a tous, prion pour qu'un dieu existe et qu'il sera de bonne humeur quand je serais mort."

(hope you enjoyed, took me about two hours to polish !)

Awesome stuff! The roleplay as well, it really set the mood as well.

Awesome. First Ambient music I think I've added to my favorites. 5/5

Evil as Hell! Let's kill these zombies and take back what is ours!