Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Outbreak"

I really was positive that I was going to love this track. I was. But I just can't enjoy it. It's all buildup. Everything is just rising, and there's no breakaway from it. It gets louder, but there's no climax. No payoff. This track is one of the biggest teases I've ever heard and that bums me out.

Evil-Dog responds:

That's a weird take on it, not sure how you perceived it that way but I'm not in your head.
I feel like it has a perfect structure of calm, rise, climax and fall. I'd say I'm biased but music is subjective anyway.

I loved the beginning when it has the low ambient sound in the background while the sounds come flowing in on top of it and it starts to pick up the beat about 40 seconds in. However I disliked it when the music all of a sudden started blaring really loudly around 2:20 with the "guitars?", and around 3:15 I started liking it again but it was too high pitched for me so it hurt my ears a bit. Other than that half of the song that I don't like it was pretty good.

Just on another note though, I am deaf so I perceive sounds differently than other people do so don't take my perception too personally. =)

Evil-Dog responds:

An audio review by a deaf person, that's a first :)

Did i never write a review for this? oO

I love this song! It has a permanent spot in my music playlist and i listen to it every day if i remember to!

5/5, 5/5, Fav, Dl

Man... i doubt you remember me but we used to bullshit back in the day. I happened across this today, i haven't been on Ng in a long time and this made me wish id have been on to see you progress, This is by far the best thing I have ever heard from you and it amazes me just hearing how much improvement there is in your current music from what I heard you make years ago

what good is a Fucking BB Gun in a zombie apocalypse?