Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Outbreak"

A great song, but..

Great song, all the sound makes me fell something... freak and all my mind is overload of zombies, mutans and other thinks, soo this is a 10 4 u men.
Well Made Guy!.

very good

i like ur songs and games they are very good dog

28 Days Later...

This sounds a lot like "28 Days Later". I know that's what you were going for and congrats! You've done it! I especially like the overdriven guitar near the middle of the song! Great job!

very nice

dude i get the image of a guy running away from a horde and leaving behind people he cared about. Then when the music picks up he found a shack of weapons stashed he heads back but in the end runs out of ammo and takes his own life preventing himself being turned into a zombie.

this song is awesome

i literally feel like i'm about to be ripped apart by a horde of zombies and have my internal organs slowly slobbered on, bitten, and eaten until all that remains of my body is a bloody pulpy mess of random body parts and bones that the zombies didn't feel like eating. hahaha jk, but this is still an awesome song