Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Outbreak"


This really gave me the "I want to survive..." feeling, just damn awesome dude, nice job!

And for all those who like this and/or are interested in anime check out
Highschool of the DEAD. It has similar soundtracks and i think it uses the 28 days later Soundtracks, but a bit edited... 10/5

Very nice.

I first saw 28 days later when we borrowed a bunch of DVDs from my uncle. I had no idea wat it was, so i watched it and fell in love with it. Then when 28 weeks later came out i wanted to see it like no other. haha. But yeah, this song definitely reminds me of that movie. Very smooth, but epic. Downloaded.


just liek 28 days later but BETTER!!!

Rush Of Awesomeness

My head was spinning from the feel of someone behind me with a knife. For a few hours the intense music made me feel like i was being followed. Nice one!


C'est vraiment le fun de voir que l'un des meilleurs sur Newgrounds est Québecois./ It's really fun to see that one of the best on Newgrounds is a Quebecker. I just love this song, it's profound and really transmits your message. It would be fitting in The Crazies since they used Mad World, I found small similarities between the 2 except the fact that yours better. Well keep them coming, 10/10 5/5!!!

Evil-Dog responds:

I'm about to watch the crazies haha
Vive le québec esti! :P