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Reviews for "IMP xmas2"

Excel Saga?

Funny Excel saga part, but didnt you rip that audio from the excel saga dvd disc? Anywho, awesome job, this is defently funny.

Intro's good!

What's the song in the intro anyway? It's really, really catchy.


Although that took ages to load it was well worth it. Your graphics and sound were excellent. I loved the beginning! The storyline was really funny. It even had music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That was when they were riding the cow if anyone wants to know. The cow jokes were good too. Its a shame your falsh maker broke, but it doesn't need.


I like when Roger got hurt morethan John.

How to

Roger can you teach me how to make flash movies?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

ehm, well i wrote this:
http://www.deviantart.com/dev iation/28519489/?qo=22&q=by%3 Arogerregorroger&qh=sort%3Ati me+-in%3Ascraps