Reviews for "The Goatse Collab"

Don't bother

The fact that this is tagged to every collection blows goats and how it's made it this long since 12 2005 amazes me. These guys must have issues with themselves it seems.


That was a waste of time, it maybe could have worked as a game tho....
You could call it Anal Portal, you'd be a hamster trying to ram yourself up some guys butthole while dodging shit, ninja stars and jim carey


That was just to.......AWESOOOME!!...but still disgusting

Amazing seminal piece

He belongs to the anals of history now.

you........ you're a MONSTER!!!!

Ugh, the original 'Goatse.cx' is disgusting enough, and this, just like the original, makes me want to gouge out my own eyes. Are you even human? *pukes up blood* YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?!?! I KNEW IT! YOU ARE A MONSTER! *pukes up even more blood* Oh fuck, I think I'm drowning in my own blood. PLEASE, SOMEONE GOUGE OUT MY EYES!