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Reviews for "Shotgun Santa 2005"


it was fun for only 9 seconds

It was very good,

not only do i like pixels, but you did it very well. it was very funny, and i only found one point that i didnt really like, but its a trivial point so. The point when he shoots, you cant hear anything in the background, idk if there is anyway to make it a little quieter...but if not as i said its just a trivial point. Well done on the flash.

Very good

This is what Christmas is all about. Mindless violence and Weird Al. Screw that family BS. ¬_¬

That was great. Improved on the first one by a lot, I found it really funny. The game was also good if a bit easy.

PS: Am I allowed to gloat at you for finishing and submitting my Christmas flash in the space of 6 hours? =P

Could be better...

But it was something to do.

That was pretty Good

I liked that, I thought that was a good job and I hope to see some more from you.

Kaosboy85 responds:

Glad you liked it:)