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Reviews for "Shotgun Santa 2005"

come on man....

why did the elves come one at a time? how come you have to click on them in order to shoot them? you need to fix those things up, all right? first, ask some strangers out on the street, "do u like this game?" and if they say no, ask them wat's wrong and fix it all right. if you make a sequel, and fix all these problems, then u might have a good game on ur hands, oh, and fix the graphics PLEASE!!!

Too repetitive...

The elves just kept coming in one at a time, then a reindeer would fly in occasionally. There just isn't anything exciting in this.

it is what i'v wanted for a long time

i think that this could have been better. the graphics were crap but the idea is good more work next time k. and wird al is the best.

Loved the movie

The game blows, but the movie is great. Gave it a 4 for including a shotgun


I'd like to correct something that the last reviewer said, its only fun for 9 seconds but he/she was wrong its only fun for 8.5 seconds