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Reviews for "Shotgun Santa 2005"

good one

it was pretty good. i didn't care for the game, but the movie was awesome. you should get rid of the game completely and just keep the movie.

The movie rocks, the game sucks...

'nuff said

it was OK

i got bored after i figured out there was only 1 level 1 weapon and 2 things to shoot..this could have been way better

alright ...

sweet u made it >< yes .. oh if u wanna add me 2 ur portal buddies u know who i am .... FYI im Colpopnfresh and i sent him the music with the idea ...

Great work

The movie was reallt funny, and the game was good too, but I think the game got boring pretty quick. Mabey change the backgrounds, add more weapons or something. But, overall a really good submission and addition to NG's holiday collection