Reviews for "saturno"

Very nice adaptation of Goya's Saturn Devouring His Son. Love it!

kronos eating his children......on a toilelt?

flf3030 responds:

Time is precious ;)

LOL dude i just found an image with Cronos eating his children :))
But the toilet concept is little weird...
Great job it's a really fun and well made picture . Keep it up !

"Mornin' bob, what are you up to?" "Nothin' much gonna go take a dump and eat a human, you know."

^^first thing i thought of

anyway the art is good 5 stars

nice, dark drawing, with good drawings of saturn's (cronos) face, of his stature, with a good pose, and a nicely drawn body, in terms of anatomy. (a bit grotesque in the abdomen, but still awesome)

his face/his eyes look extra wicked, as he performs his unholy task...
the child's face looks strange+distorted from pain, i also like the cloudy, dark sky in the background (detailed clouds!), and i also like the staff that cronos is holding.
the only thing that strikes me as strange, is the toilet where cronos is sitting.
why adding a toilet in the pic?

all in all, this is a very good drawing, with nice poses, good linework, and a very nice tribute to the classic drawing of goya, where (according to the greek mythology) saturn/cronos ate his children, so that noone could suprass him in power/so that noone would overthrow him.
(because he heard of a prophecy that one of his sons would be alot more powerful than him, and that he would soon overthrow him.
that child was zeus, king of the gods...
zeus escaped with the help of his mother, rhea and he later teamed up with his brothers, neptune(poseidon), and hades in order to stop cronos and to overthrow the titans.)

good drawing sir, i like it alot!
keep up the good work!