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Reviews for "Madness Mini"

Here's what I think.

Ok...I can see this is all frame by frame, but, wtf, no feet, very choppy, probably a rip off of the original madness series. (The sheriff is in this). I know you downloaded the source code, and sprite sheets, so I know that you aren't a very good drawer. Now I'm going to go watch number two and write a review for that. If you could remake this one!

Shrinkz responds:

yes, i am eventually going to redo this one with my own drawings and stuff.

the sheriff was my favorite character, if you must know why he's in this series, and i didn't want to watch him lose in only two episodes.

Not bad

The music was a good choice but the movie was really jumpy. Too little frames were used. But still, not bad.


I am sorry but it needs to be smoother to reach my taste. But it is still madness so... 5/10 or some more stuff like that......

not bad but not good

its an stop motion and theres no feet

not the best

its ok