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Reviews for "Madness Mini"

Work on it...

Somwhere in Nevada...
Made a guy Madness Mini: A short Madness Movie. That Madness Movie was a lil' bit Gay, and a lil' bit cool. Just a lil' bit, ok?

Shrinkz responds:

really, REALLY confused about pretty much everything you just said, but i saw the word cool in it. so...yeah.

i wouldn't say rip off

this is not a rip off, no way this is a rip off, this is what NG calls a "tribute" good work, i gave it a 6 cause it didn't have a play button

Bit laggy

I get that it's either frame-by-frame, or that it's just the first one in the series, but not much was happening at one time, like the origional madness does. Part that my brain really got stuck on was that the first guy-with-gun only had three bullets. Not exactly relevent, but it's what got me into critical mode the rest of the movie.

eh ok i guess

it could have been alot better but it was only just the start so its ok then

hmm....not bad

like the blood, but not the music