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Reviews for "Madness Mini"


this is some good stuff, but it is a bit choppy and there are some other bugs in it.

The second thing is that Max didn't make the music. It was Sean Hodges. (BTW, in MM2 you were right, but his page is not mmodule)

But I liked it.

Shrinkz responds:

augh. shoot. i knew something with the credits was wrong...i'm so stupid...
and yes. i admit it is choppy.
FPS = 12 :(

Pretty good, but not compared to others.

You're TehSheriff on the MC forums, right? It's me, Lord Of Pie. This is a very good start for animating, but you may want to add in actual-working feet and a possibly higher framerate. Keep it up, you're quite good.

Shrinkz responds:

lord of pie? hmm...
anyway the sequel has working feet. thanks for the review!

Lacks the thing

Good i guess but it needs more tempo...And legs!!!


for the first bad but graphics get better

on end it is copy of madness combat
because of that 3 and a half stars