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Reviews for "Madness Mini"


funi...good violence, i like dey characters

Shrinkz responds:



Pretty decent Madness rip-off. I didn't like the fact that the sheriff's gun doesnt make any noise when he shoots the hero...

Shrinkz responds:

It sucks ass, I stuck "stopallsounds" Right when he shoots, so there's no feedback. I'm working on it, though


Ummmm......They have something called feet....Derrrr!

Shrinkz responds:

yeh, well...when I started, I sucked at doing their feet, and as I got good, I didn't want to just stick them in the middle of the movie or something...so...next update!

Good tribute!

This was a well-executed "Madness" style flash, and is at least as good as many of the entries on the "Madness" homepage. While the action was occasionally slow and a few scenes weren't cleeanly pulled off, this animation is a winner overall!

Shrinkz responds:

sloooooow animation? gotta fix that.
I'll also make sure to add more frames to the scenes that are choppy. I do have an idea which scenes you're talking about, and they should be fixed by my next update.
Tankz For the input! I appreciate it!


its pretty good make more get better >.> odd moral btw.....

Shrinkz responds:

I'll make sure to!