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Reviews for "Madness Mini"

i liked it

one question where did u get the music andwhat is it called?

Shrinkz responds:

I got it from www.Madnesscombat.com, but the site is under construction, so your gonna have to wait a few weeks. other then that, the song is called cheshyre calliope

just a few things for improvement.

Next time, a higher FPS is needed.
And why did that guy in the beginning have only three bullets in his gun? was he already shooting something before he came on screen?

Shrinkz responds:

Like I Said Before, I'm Tallying Up Everything For A large update. Be Patient. Thanks for watching, though.
about the gun: Dunno...I guess you could use your Imagination, but the movie was starting to have a large size, so I started conserving bytes.

i like it

i liked it u should make more

Shrinkz responds:

Tankz...I'm currently brainstorming Ideas...

man i dont care if u stole it or not but...

y madnes?! y evreone like this crap?!

Shrinkz responds:

Why doesn't everyone like it?

you know the deal...

unoriginal unoriginal unoriginal. Not more to say. The flash quality was excellent, the music was excellent but it really doesn't matter you need to get your own idea or try and do something else with krinkle's work...i don't think that's possible other than a REALLY well done parody...which wouldn't be that original either...so nuff said. keep up the good work.

Shrinkz responds:

Tankz, I actually DO have another series in mind, it's just not in flash at the moment.