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Reviews for "Madness Mini"

its ok

wow need feet and i get u 100% 10 rating

Shrinkz responds:

yesses, I didn't know how to do feet when I did this flash.

Kind of Choppy.

It was good and all, but It was slightly choppy at the beginning. But after words it cleared up. Nice job =P

Shrinkz responds:

yeah, well that was when i was REALLY beginning animating, so i completely agree.


i am sure it was good but after the somewhere in nevada part it would not play

Shrinkz responds:

how odd....keep it like that. i've heard rumors about the load screen bieng screwed up. If you keep it where it goes black, maybe it'll start playing.

page not found

hey i tried to but it said page not found

Shrinkz responds:

email me.

Pretty good, but not compared to others.

You're TehSheriff on the MC forums, right? It's me, Lord Of Pie. This is a very good start for animating, but you may want to add in actual-working feet and a possibly higher framerate. Keep it up, you're quite good.

Shrinkz responds:

lord of pie? hmm...
anyway the sequel has working feet. thanks for the review!