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Reviews for "Madness Mini"

funny but it lagz!

that was kind of funny, but it lagz like hell! use more frames nxt time ok?

Shrinkz responds:

Aight. already done.


Its a cool movie and i like the violence :P
but i have a question how do you get the music?

Its a nice movie keep it up

Shrinkz responds:

meh, all sorts of places. i got this music on mandesscombat.com before it went off the web.
I'm glad you like the violence. XD

Work on it...

Somwhere in Nevada...
Made a guy Madness Mini: A short Madness Movie. That Madness Movie was a lil' bit Gay, and a lil' bit cool. Just a lil' bit, ok?

Shrinkz responds:

really, REALLY confused about pretty much everything you just said, but i saw the word cool in it. so...yeah.

worst tribute ever

the people move 2 fast there is no jesus, and the sherif can fight. god dammit 2 many problems 2 say. wat kind of a gun has only 3 fucking bullets!

Shrinkz responds:

the gun was already mentioned. This is MY series, so none of krinkels's characters (Excluding the sheriff) are shown.


so crappy u should have been a rat

Shrinkz responds:

That, good sir, was absolutely the LAMEST insult i have ever heard.