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Reviews for "Madness Mini"


hey shrinkz, even though i give u a lot of crap about ur videos, i just wanted to let u know i think they are uh awsome.not anybody can just make little people kill each other with the same awsomeness as u

keep up the good work

Shrinkz responds:

:) Now i'm gonna tell everyone that you have a sappy side! YOU SHALL FALL!
no, but thanks, michael.

NOBODY should try to shoot the sheriff

Haha. Last scene made me laugh. But there were no feet. OMG! Madness without feet!
But otherwise- good work.

Shrinkz responds:

thank ye.

Here's what I think.

Ok...I can see this is all frame by frame, but, wtf, no feet, very choppy, probably a rip off of the original madness series. (The sheriff is in this). I know you downloaded the source code, and sprite sheets, so I know that you aren't a very good drawer. Now I'm going to go watch number two and write a review for that. If you could remake this one!

Shrinkz responds:

yes, i am eventually going to redo this one with my own drawings and stuff.

the sheriff was my favorite character, if you must know why he's in this series, and i didn't want to watch him lose in only two episodes.

i like it

i like everything except for the shooting people who surrender part

Shrinkz responds:


This sucked

This was boring and laggy, aswell as pointless and dumb.
Shooting people who surender isen't cool, even in flash movies.
Also where are the feet? You need to use your oun art and sounds and music.

Shrinkz responds: