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Reviews for "Madness Mini"

I didn't watch this but...

I wanted to say sorry, I was very pissed earlyer, and judged madness pie WAY too harsh
again sorry.


Shrinkz responds:

...dosen't give you a reason to go off on someone elses hard work like that. But i respect and accept your apology.


I know that this movie isn't very good, but I thought it was pretty faithfil to the original MADNESS series. The style rating is because it is the same basic thing as the 2nd madness. The moral, he was trying to shoot the deputee. He was AFTER the sheriff.

Shrinkz responds:

didn't you already review this movie...? or was it another...ah well. just keep in mind that this was my absolute FIRST large piece.

Good, but can be better

good, but how he stop bullets by shotgun? and why this movie have auto-start?

this moral suck....

Shrinkz responds:

...it's basically the same moral as krinkel's. so you think his moral sucks too? wow.

you rock

you rock as much as krinkels! you almost have the same talent that he does!keep up the good work and i hope you get to be a really good flash maker. sincerely:runescape126

Shrinkz responds:

well, thank you for the kind words. Madness Mini 4 Coming out soon! :D

hey man wheres teh feet?

hey man wheres the feet??? are they mutants?? u should no it roks but 1 thing....ADD SOME FEET!!!

Shrinkz responds:

i suppose their...clothes are...cloaking them?