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Reviews for "Madness Mini"

Good madness tribute

Good madness tribute, you should increase the FPS because at times it was a bit jerky. The blood effects are good but could be improved. My final point is this: why did you call it madness mini? It sounds a bit stupid.

Shrinkz responds:

ugh...i don't want to tell the story again...

Before i animated with flash, I made a small madness parody using windows movie maker called Madness Mini. It was an animation mini series about a guy killing everyone he saw for ten or eleven seconds. This series, although indirectly, branches off of that series...Go to my website and watch it.

No legs man

Come on Shrinkz. I thought you can do better than that. No legs? Oh yeah did you get to host your madness mini game?

Shrinkz responds:

...I hosted it, but i think the host ran out.


you rock man i wonder what would happen if u were to team up with krinkles.........

Shrinkz responds:

You really think I'm THAT good? Smeh...first, he'd have to know I exist...<:(


good job shrinkz, this is almost as good as the real thing!

Shrinkz responds:

your kidding! Nothing comes close to Krinkels!

good work!

It is a very good beginning! only the music goes one can strong but it is not serious!

Shrinkz responds:

You talk like fawful from Mario and luigi superstar saga.