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Reviews for "Madness Mini"


Needs a play button. Just doesn't compare to the original, but a very admirable fan-attribute.

I agree when people say the sound gets annoying- that's fair enough. This wasn't quite as smooth as the work of Krinkle, but pretty neat in its own regards. If this were original, it would be hailed, but as a sort of tribute, it's well done =) Why would you only have three bullets in a gun though? Kinda heartless, too.


Shrinkz responds:

you know, i've been asked the 'amount of bullets' question before, and now that I look back on this animation...I just don't know! :) But thanks for the compliments!

And madness IS supposed to be heartless!

Nice Parody

its a pretty nice parody but a couple of points for improvement

- music got anoying
-more detailed blood
well...thats all hahah


Shrinkz responds:

thanks for the improvement tips! XD

another parody

since some of you kids dont know what a parody is, its sort of like a tribute, like "hey that was a cool movie, im gonna make my own version" if no one ever parodied anything, cuz Denzel is sooo against it, this website wouldnt have anything good on it... and jealous cunt? someones trying to act like hes smart by just throwing around insults.

Shrinkz responds:


i agree

the last post was right. Madness the first one was kick ass, but all you really did was take the same stuff and add what you thought was better. not the best thing ive seen....

nothing new at all

if your going to rip off an old animation, at least add something new. Madness was original, this is just a copy using the same sprites and the same soundboards

Shrinkz responds:

...huh? #*o_-*