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Reviews for "Madness Mini"

Pretty good.

That was quite good overall, but I'd recomend increasing the frame rate a bit to smooth out the animation. Good job! :)

its ok but...

that wasnt the best tribute ive seen but it was pretty slow and there was no play button...and it was pretty short i didn't like it much

i wouldn't say rip off

this is not a rip off, no way this is a rip off, this is what NG calls a "tribute" good work, i gave it a 6 cause it didn't have a play button

Its ok, but the third one ROCKS.


Shrinkz responds:

mmmm? Mouth full of pie? : )
just remember...as i've said many times over, i had only been using flash for...bout...2 months when I made this.


not bad. that music kinda got anoying but i guess it fit.

Shrinkz responds: