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Reviews for "Madness Mini"

Wish the violince thingy would go higher!

Its not the real madness......But its just as good! If I wasn't able to watch this I'd kill myself! X_X


thts amazin :) i love tht lol .. well least it bought a smile to my face :) good work m8 keep it up

The idea of making a Madness is good,

But taking a alredy real story and making it shorter doesnt rack up too many points.

Shrinkz responds:

You are right, but then again, early animations like this don't really rack up anyway...

I think you should try to be original

whether or not you admire Krinkels work with the Madness series, I think that using his style is just a low blow, you and everyone else that gets on the internet know that flash style is important to that individuals internet persona. Making a tribute is fine but when you only have Madness tributes on your page then it looks as tho you are trying to take credit for that persons style. Have madness parodies, but if you have nothing that is strictly your own you will always be looked at as someone who is benifiting off of someone elses creative ideas.

AHHH reminds me of krinkels

Nice work dude i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELLYEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ CAn u show me how to make flash in a flash game and also do u no krinkels?btw UR WOrk had not much styl but that was because u basically just copied krinkels still... nice work