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Reviews for "AeroChaos"


this is a great game with a great idea but i think u should put a shop kinda thing so we dont have to find the power-ups.anyway i'm sorry i rated the sound anything cuz i couldnt listen to it my parents were sleeping sry

-u'r freind julian

this game is alright good graphics and everything.

This game is kinda cool i mean don't get me wrong or anything but when i played it it was cool!!!

Tip for u

here is a little tip. hold enter then press the start mission on the main menu while u r holding enter. im not gonna tell cause u guyz will figure it out. if u beat the game u will know what this does.(Note) u might have to beat the game first before u can activate this.
anyway i liked this game. make another but with more bosses. and have better sounds cause the boss music gets very annoying.

Pretty CoOl

I like this game alot...I haven't played it on any of the difficult modes though. Only problem about the game is that its too short and enemies seem to get repetive.8/10 for you good job
By the way you should make a sequal, thank-you for creating a good game unlike some of the crap iVe played on here lol!

Good start.

I thought the game really wasn't that bad. It is a very good start by any means. Graphics of course are not the best but what side scroller's are? I felt it was a bit of fun but grows tireing after a short bit. A storyline and maybe some custimization would give it some depth.