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Reviews for "AeroChaos"


Very fun to play! just like a console version. Keep this up!!;)


There is NO WAY that a F-16 can defeat a S-37/Su-47 Berkut (Russian for golden eagle). The Russian S-37 is the most advanced multi-funtional supersonic fighter plane in the world.

Its foward-swept wings gives it incredible manuovablity. Like the American F-22 Raptor(the first boss looks like one), it is stealthed, has vectored thrust engines and is capable of 'Super Cruise', which is traveling supersonic without using afterburners. It boosts a bigger weapons bay and range than the American F-22.

Sadly, the Russians ran out of cash before they can mass produce this wonderful figther jet, which is lucky for the Americans as it can kick a lot of F-22s' titanium ass with ease.

Also, the F-117 Stealth Bamber (the triangler shaped aircraft) does not have any weapons other than laser-guided bombs

But hell... its only a game!.


not boring.

that was an interesting game, you should have let each upgrade reach its full power.

Wow, nice!

But way to short man...


i like wasd and autofire more in those kind of games :)