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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

Didn't like it.

It wasn't fun. It was boring and similar to many other games. I don't know why but it seemed very boring.


Not the best. The game was generally WAAAAAAAAAAY too short and I wish you had a health bar because it was annoying dying after one hit and losing all your powerups every 6 seconds. Also I guess you could say it lacked variety because it got boring just shooting stuff. The boss didn't make it any more fun because they were all way too easy to defeat. All I did was follow them and hold special. Too easy. Overall it's a good concept but it needs some adjusting and improving.

Btw: This is a very generic fly around get powerups and destroy ships game. Try to add something that will make it stand out because this is the type of game that it feels like I've played 100s of times before.

wow...just wow...

really?1 hp?are you an idiot?dude...the second and third boss are way to hard...i only got past them by spamming specs.
and why the fuck do you get killed in 1 shot?and whats with the big shots?if you have 1 hp there dosent need to be big shots,stupid.
next time,give a firggen helath bar ffs.