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Reviews for "AeroChaos"


The graphics were a little lacking, and the game concept isnt too original. But it was still pretty fun as a time-waster.

relatively retarded

read above

Boring Jet Fighter Shooting game

Its too boring. I got tired of the same old SHIT. It needs better weapons upgrades, a bigger range of enemies, and Id rather use keyboard to control the plane. Mouse=Crappy control. I hate that the mouse doesnt control it when its outside of the game area. Many other NG games will still control it even when the mouse it out of the game screen threshold; but alas, this one disapoints.

very average game

its nice to see these old game sfloating about, but there is nothing that makes this game unique. pretty bogstandard arcade shooter.

the bosses are unfathomably hard, even on super easy they rip you to bloody pieces

not much else happens, very plain

too simple

its a simple crowded game that u die in 1 shot. u need a life system for this game. like 3 shots and u die, and u can recharge ur health. theres a lot that could make this game better.