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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

Sweet Awesome Game!!!!!!!

I just couldnt stop playin this!!! I was no easy and i died on the second boss, i only needed a few more hits!!! I love this game, along with all your stuff.

Okay gameplay but needs keyboard controls

It's got some okay gameplay, the simply graphics are nice and anyone with a background in military aviation at all will recognize everything on there (from the F16 to the A117 to the F22 Raptor and...is that a Saab in there?). The power ups could have been a little bit more effective but it works. My main gripe is that you need to have keyboard controls. Most people aren't used to using a mouse for a side-scroller so it really throws ya off. At least give the option for keyboard controls.

Oh, and more sound effects would be a nice touch too.

Simple but good

I like how you've made a shooting game with simple rules, and enemies with simple patterns, but designed the level to make it a hard game just the same.

The mouse controls are a bit floaty compared to keyboard, though, and it makes some of the difficulty a little unfair.


Very fun to play! just like a console version. Keep this up!!;)

Great Game!

but i prefer a shop or something instead of the powerups.

and please add some more levels :D