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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

make more levels

you need to make new levels and more power-ups like a shield or something for 10 seconds and some laserbeam of some sort and to make the game even more you should make levels with big giant spaceships and some underground battle

shooter game

Nothing new or exciting but its still worth a look


Well it's a shooter game, nuff' said. But where's the story?

relatively retarded

read above


There is NO WAY that a F-16 can defeat a S-37/Su-47 Berkut (Russian for golden eagle). The Russian S-37 is the most advanced multi-funtional supersonic fighter plane in the world.

Its foward-swept wings gives it incredible manuovablity. Like the American F-22 Raptor(the first boss looks like one), it is stealthed, has vectored thrust engines and is capable of 'Super Cruise', which is traveling supersonic without using afterburners. It boosts a bigger weapons bay and range than the American F-22.

Sadly, the Russians ran out of cash before they can mass produce this wonderful figther jet, which is lucky for the Americans as it can kick a lot of F-22s' titanium ass with ease.

Also, the F-117 Stealth Bamber (the triangler shaped aircraft) does not have any weapons other than laser-guided bombs

But hell... its only a game!.