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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

This is a good game.

Actionscripted with ease, everything is all good. But the Gameplay is simply bad. You added health to the enemies, that just pisses me off. Since if there was a row of enemies, You could only kill one (I know there are powerups but still it doesn't go much). Don't be like other games, Be like Raiden X (where only bosses have health).

now thats a game

easily one of the best games iv played on ng for a while and i love the way thjat you get into boss mode,nearly completed impossible mode but too darn hard,and btw the weapons flood the screen when you have like 4 of each and firing special attacks
bosses can be killed in 10seconds if u keep pressing space
autofire is a must

Good game

It was good, but could use some work. Add more missions, allies, characters, maybe a story. It seems like Russia v. U.S. I've seen much worse, though.

Great game.

I personally enjoyed it, except for the mouse. I think there should be an option for keyboard. Despite this, the controls are easy enough to get used to. It's kind of difficult, even on normal, and I played it on easy (I'm no pushover, haha).

Good game.

a shooter with powerups, 3 stages, & BOSSES?! OMG!

this is the most basic shooter i've seen in some time. you're a jet fighting airplanes & other jets. great job with the originality buddy. and only 3 levels? come on man, that's just lazy. i can tell that you didn't even try to put any effort in this. i kinda like the music... i guess that's something. basic, basic, & o yah, basic