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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

glad u added it!

even on easy difficulty i got owned! i thought everything was goin great until i got to the last dregs of life of that boos plane! fantastic game tho. extremely well made and playable!

sure bud

this game is balls, one shot kill each time? i mean seriously, there needs to be a health bar or something, better upgrades too

decent game

graphics is good, tho the music could be better

Very nice

I liked the fact that you used actual planes. Except for usin an F-16, it was a very fun game. I think you should make a new version that has different planes in it. aside from that, it played well, and even though it was a tad short, i enjoyed it. Keep up the good work my friend!

Very Fun

Fun game. It was very addicting. I liked all the powerups and upgrades you could get. Good job man!