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Reviews for "AeroChaos"


i dont realy like to dump on submissions, cuz i dont make games or flashes on my computer. but it was a piec of crap, i doubt anybody made it through all levels before quiting. PEACE


this game was great but the only problem was it was too short not enough boss battles but it was a really great game

One Word: "Good"

It's interesting enough, it doesn't play on the "space-shooter" theme that's (getting less) obvious around the internet. Almost reminds (me personally) of the Ace Combat series. Something strikes about that similarity.
Generally good. The graphics are good, better than most around. The music/sound is. . .a bit off. Perhaps it's the choice, perhaps not. But there's something in it that seems to strike the whole thing off balance (though not too badly). Perhaps something a bit less fast-drum-beat-in-the-night style. But no real loss on that, it's easy to get distracted off of the sound by the gameplay. Interactivity's pretty good as well.
Either way, it's a pretty good above-average game.

Excellent Game!!

This was a very Cool Game!!! I liked it alot actually, I thought the music to this was Very Good!!!

this game is alright good graphics and everything.

This game is kinda cool i mean don't get me wrong or anything but when i played it it was cool!!!