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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

More levels please

Great game! Only possible way to improve would be to add more levels, bosses, and powerups.

For those who wonder what the powerups are:

Single Shot-Double Shot-Triple Shot-Quad Shot-Quad Shot Plus Plasma Shot (Limited)

Single Missile-Double Missile-Triple Missile-Plasma Missile (Limited)

Single Gunpod-Double Gunpod-Triple Gunpod-Invulnerability Shield (Limited)


Okay, for those of you who are not that intelligent, hit Backspace. It REALLY helps. Be smarter than the machine you are trying to operate.
Other than that..great game man. KUTGW.

Not that bad of a game...

I have to disagree with who made the previous review. This game wasn't extremely hard until you played the impossible mode... duh. This game is for those who can handle a side scrolling game like gradiusIII or UN Squadron. simple mechanics and good gameplay for those who can't let go of the left mouse click. Just learn how to dodge bullets unlike the other reviewer who couldn't fathom the game's complexity (or simplicity).

its was good

this was good but need more lvls n WTF is the second boss its just a blue circle plz tell me wot it is so i can have colsure :D

arayh responds:

If you really want to know.. the second boss is a meteor that landed from outter space, but it turns out that it was really just a hollow rock shell concealing an alien energy life form intent on destroying Earth's core... but then again, since I didn't write a story for this, you can just use your imagination..

Tip for u

here is a little tip. hold enter then press the start mission on the main menu while u r holding enter. im not gonna tell cause u guyz will figure it out. if u beat the game u will know what this does.(Note) u might have to beat the game first before u can activate this.
anyway i liked this game. make another but with more bosses. and have better sounds cause the boss music gets very annoying.