Reviews for "Nathan's Christmas Game"


It was okay as far as games go. Not much to say because I'm too tired. Keep up the good work. I do like the holiday theme and everything, but really. It's too cliche and I'm pretty sure that at this time everybody would be a little tired of seeing Christmas stuff. At least I am. Anyway, have a nice one.

great game

I loved the game, it has a good story, the sledge is nice, the blood is funny, i would play it every day, and i would play it even more if your menus werent so dumb, use a smaller corps and a _sans type, you can't read a thing, but besides that its a great flash

bad control

well the game isnt bad
but what really is annoying is the control
it moves a lot
but well isnt a bad game
well then

controlability is a problem

It's difficult to control the sleigh. If you press the up or down buttons, it shoots up like a sling shot and it's difficult to control. Also, delivering the presents is also difficult. You can be right over the chimney but the present is delayed from being shot off the sleigh and should maybe drop straight down from the sleigh instead of in an arc.

That was pretty good!

Nice job! This was pretty fun! Keep it up!