Reviews for "Sonic Syythe World 4"


The story line was well developed, all action, no standing around with only talking. Well Done.

This was actually good!

I found all these Sonic Syythe World films good. I especially like Syythe's attitude, that he always picks a fight.
Keep it up Arnas!

You are good at spiret flashes

Your right about the Final Fantasy monsters. the humor and sound on this one was better, make the fight sences better and you would have goten a 10.

Nice going!

hey this is good!
but Sky is the strongest one right?..
others make a fool of him and that sucks a bit if you ask me..(that was in the sonic syythe world 3 that everyone is pissing him off..)
mabey you can use something in your next movie that he proves himself to the others and that they accept him..it was a bit low how they reacted against him, he's cool and stuff and his sister is the only one who sees that!! but the movie is cool
so mabey you can let Sky prove himself that he isn't a lozer (cause he isn't) and that Syythe go Fight them at himself (I know he already did sometimes but that are the best scenes ^^)
A Friend of Sonic

great movie (SCD fights are better) but this is still great, i haven't watched this since i was like 7 or 8 and i never got past episode 6

P.S: Arnas is newer that Arnas 2 or is it the other way around?