Reviews for "Sonic Syythe World 4"

This was actually good!

I found all these Sonic Syythe World films good. I especially like Syythe's attitude, that he always picks a fight.
Keep it up Arnas!

was good

scence you won't be using any more Final fantays enemies, you should either use Megaman, or Sonic enemy sprites, the dialogue was cheesy at times (from the begining of the movie up to when the Sonic Rush stage 2 theme appeared) also there was a typo when Shiva said "you is dead", the fight scenes were good (I lol'ed at the screaming soccer ball), and there was no battle music, one that was good that appeared once was the RPG type of battle (which was well done) also you don't have to use this suggestion but for the final episode's of the Syyth battle you should make the artwork in flahs form, anyways keep up the good work

Arnas2 responds:

Yeah I was thinking about Megaman too. I just need help finding them


Well dude, the sprits arent that good but you have potencial...And I want to see more action!!! Try do the RPG style again!!!

ok.. but still

needs some improvement like the sprites some need a propper shading and u need to get a bit more animation then just using one image and to tween it but in overall its ok iff u fix these 2 things it will be acceptable


I enjoyed it.... While it was pixelly as Chaozoa said, I still enjoyed it. Still, couldn't Flames have gotten up and gotten the symbol? I hate cliffhangers.... they ruin the movies sometimes. Not ALWAYS, sometimes. Keep up the movies!