Reviews for "Sonic Syythe World 4"

oh no, im not a vergion anymore!


i agree...

final fantasy monsters suck in live battle sequences they are only good in rpg battles.


You are right but you should use final fantasy monsters for those who have a very small role.


but you copy of megamanX3 stage and monster when eps1 but i will ote you ten stars.

Nice as always

Story + 2/2

Graphics + 2/2

Sound + 2//2

Other +2/2
Awesome fight scenes. id say it b cool if the chess was playable but sonce i cant play chess im glad that wasnt the case lol

Freebee +2/2
You made a flash so you get free points

Total 10/10

Bonus points

Fan Point + 1 (Was a Mario, Megaman, Sonic, or Zelda flash, my personal favorites)

Interesting Series + 1 (Has a sequel and is interesting enough for me look for it)

Fav Flash + 1 (Made my favorites list)

New score 13/10

Don't you just love bonuses