Reviews for "8-Bit Theater Part 5"


that was hilarious

stupid fighter! lol

i only count four

maybe the king will forget to count himself too!

only 645 to go!

Only 645 more adaptions to go! Anyway, great stuff! I'm not a fan on some of the voices, like I think Red Mage should sound more nerdy or stuck up-all knowing like... *shrug*. Overall this is a great job.


as awsome as the comics. plz sir, can i have some mo



Woah. Neato. Frito.

This is the best one yet! I'll explain my scores:

Graphics: The special effects during scene 5: there can only be one...plus three boosted this score to a much higher lever

Style: All the goodness of the oringinal comic, plus you're own touches to make it complete, like RM's flaw table and the skipping at the end. Kudos! ...wait, flaws are from World of Darkness, not DnD...or maybe ADnD...never played ADnD...anyhoo:

Sound: The voices are so well suited for the charaters. RM sounds nerdy, BM sounds comically evil, Fighter sounds...dumb, theif sounds like he should, and WM is okay, too.

Violence: Due to the fact that there IS no violence in this one, it received a zero.

Interactivity: What interactivity?

Humor: This IS 8-bit Theater, so this is self-explanitory.

Oh one last thing: where did you get that new Chocobo Song remixx used in the intro?

Please don't say you made it yorself...