Reviews for "8-Bit Theater Part 5"


I usually don't beg animators but please finish the series i want to know what happens to them!!

Please Make Another One

i normally dont bug animators to make more animations, but i really really like 8-bit theatre and i want it to continue :P
i wish you hadnt skipped out the voting thing though, because that bits funny XD but i guess it would've taken ages to animate :P
red mage's voice kinda scares me :S


you all probs know this but....go to the scene select, go to the scene called "sometimes he's not so smart" and play it, then you have to click on the Thief when he starts talking to fighter and there you have it!!! it just shows what they were talking about when the Black Mage was fantasizing about the White Mage!! lol...i found that out on accident....anway....awesome movie!! 5/5 and 10/10!!!

good movie but.....

r u even gonna make another 1?!

really awesome

These are really great. If only this guy would come back and make more of these flash renditions. It's a helluva lot funnier when you can hear the tones of their voices, which of course you can't do when reading the webcomic.

One more thing, some of the reviews I've read on here talk about how they want this guy to come back because they want to see more of this series. just so you guys know, there IS a website where the comic this is based off of is still running, just in case you didn't know.