Reviews for "8-Bit Theater Part 5"


Very funny! i love these series.. "TimeIsMoneyAndWhenISayThatIMeanYour" Just brilliant!

best episode from the 5

amezing skipping the boring stuf lol and he realy chew off his own hand 0_0 this is gr8 make more

I love it

His eyes at the end were hilarous! Just like pretty much anything else in the movie. Once again: great job. Hope there's gonna be more from this series. I'd love to see this through the end

Yet another guy begging

Wow, this 8-Bit theater is awesome, I just love it, but why did you stop animating it? I just checked www.nuklearpower.com and there are a ton of episodes, please continue to animate it.

Nice Concept

KakashiloverX7: This is based off of a popular sprite webcomic, 8-Bit-Theatre. I don't know why this guy stopped animating it, but you can find the rest of the series at www.nuklearpower.com, if you're still interested.

Excellent work, friend. Thank you so much for making these. Never woulda iscovered webcomics without this series. 10/10. Excellent voice acting, smooth animation, and based on something equally awesome.