Reviews for "8-Bit Theater Part 5"

this must be continued!

plz make a 6th part plz!!! this flash is 2 damn funny

That was the best

I love 8 bit theater and I hope you make the 6th one soon because theses are the best!!!!!

Waiting for a new movie...

You've amazed me. This Flash is top-notch! We want more; I wish you the best of my endeavors!

Hail Quintana!!

Where is six man?

Hey like man where is the bloody 6th one? I mean we want 6 badly like now...so give us what we want! Peace out and stop being so slow please.

Rockin with 8-Bits ^_^

Always loved the 8-Bit series! Its a shame that there won't be any others made. This series is and always will be considered a classic in my book.

Long live 8-Bit Theater!!