Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 5)"

retty funny i laffed

not bad not great but i like it

on the moon is off the wall.... "that's right!!"

everything that comes from weebls-stuff is just so uniquely unique.

on the moon is fastly becoming one of my favie series. i'm not normally a fan of x-mas toons but that made me chuckle :D

still nothing like weebl and bob.. you could give them a full body massage and they still couldnt be touched

but keep up the good work!!!!


Another successful on the moon. Well done. I can't give any advice because it is perfect just as every other toon is from weebls-stuff.
Made me laugh. I love the crazy shrimp/prawn thing. Really humorous. I can't get enough of random shit like that! Well done!

teh moon!!

Haha, cool. I liked it. I thought you just taped it off the radio, haha! Thats great!

not worth the time

nothing i would like...it is too plain for my taste.