Reviews for "''Bad Kitty'' - Nude Version"

This looks really good in my opinion, and for some reason it gave me the idea that there someone should make a more mature pokemon anime/ videogame series, it doesn't necessarily have to be like 'this' but having anthromorphic pokemon, or 'pokegirls' from that one huge fiction site at least would be pretty awesome. (Though 'pokegirls' would be highly sexual lol) Anyways, good job, loved the shading and the overall glossy look she has.

great work as always Fate, keep it up :D

Spedmallet seems to love you, I've went to his gallery, he has a long way to go. I have a long way to go as well, however unlike some wanna be troll, I try.

Keep the snark attitude toward trolls, my friend >:)

There are few images that take my breath away, but your art did

holy shit batman thats a way awesome piece of art