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Reviews for "Dan's World 3"

about the common jokes in a book store

so those are things people who wotk at a book store have to put up with that crap. the bathroom one is so true. in every bookstore its so hard to find the bathroom. the last joke was the best of all. its also cool and annoying to have a name of a book writer. do some more.

Best Dan's World EVER!

I thought this one was particularly entertaining, and you get 10 extra points for making me shoot coffee everywhere at the "I'm Dan Brown, Dan Brown!" part. Best one EVER!

That last one cracked me up!

Perfect delivery on it! Yessss, there are many many people in the world who ask the dumbest of questions, that you just wonder how they have survived this long. But actually a lot of it, has to do with our inability to communicate our thoughts to each other effectivley, except with flash... this is classic!


Its like a page out of my own life, I used to work at an Arcade/laser tag store and holy crap were those customers friggin retarted. hell I'm sure customers are stupid any where and one day i will make a documentary out of it, but untill then, keep doing your thing.

This is a great series

I really enjoyed this. I'm looking forward to checking out other Dan World animations, as well as others you have made.